QualEx Engineering

Engineering and Design Services
Electrical Engineering

QualEx employs experienced electrical engineers and designers to meet your power, lighting and grounding needs. The engineers and designers within this department are thoroughly familiar with the local, state and national Codes which are required for the design to comply with government regulations and client standards and provide for a safe and reliable installation.

Typical responsibilities within the department include all aspects of the design related to: power distribution and motor control systems, (e.g. motor control centers, distribution equipment, generators, etc); power utilization equipment and devices; building and area lighting; grounding and cathodic protection; communications, alarms, and security systems; electrical heat tracing; and demolition of electrical items.

The design duties of the electrical engineers and designers include: the production of drawings; specifying electrical equipment and devices; generating request for proposals; generating purchase documentation; reviewing electrical vendor data submittals to insure technical compliance with the specifications; generating material takeoffs that may be used to estimate material and labor requirements for the project cost estimate; generating electrical control documents such as circuit schedules, load lists, motor lists and participating in constructability reviews. This group may also be called upon to provide field assistance during the construction and startup efforts.

In addition to QualEx Standard Specifications, which were developed to aid in the design and provide guidance to suppliers and constructors of the electrical related components, the following software is available to aid in the solution and increase the efficiency of electrical engineering and design related tasks:

  •  AutoCAD (latest version)
  •  Microstation (latest version)
  •  Volts (for voltage drop, wire sizing, conduit fill, and etc. calculations)
  •  Trace Calc Pro (electrical tracing design)