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Mechanical Engineering

The principle and typical functions of QualEx’s Mechanical Engineering Department are to specify new equipment for purchase, modify and re-rate existing equipment and perform piping flexibility (stress) analyses. In addition to these primary functions, the department has the capability to design HVAC systems, engineer equipment modifications and repairs, troubleshooting and provide solutions to operating issues related to rotating and process plant equipment, along with a myriad of other mechanical engineering tasks as varied as the mechanical engineering field itself.

QualEx possesses a variety of published API, ASME, and ANSI standards, Codes, and QualEx Standards along with the latest design software and an immense library of vendor catalogues to aid in the Mechanical Engineer’s design efforts. Our access to and proficiency with these standards and software enables the Mechanical Engineers to produce efficient designs and provide engineering solutions to meet our client’s needs.

In addition to their design duties, the mechanical engineer is also responsible for preparing inquiry packages for equipment that will be competitively bid, analyzing bids for technical compliance with the specifications, and generating the “Request for Purchase” documentation for a recommended bidder. Once a purchase order has been issued, the mechanical engineer is responsible for the technical review of all vendor approval drawings and documentation, generation of the inspection package, and review for acceptance of all “record” documentation submitted by the equipment fabricator. The close working relationships which have been developed with the client’s mechanical equipment specialists and equipment fabricators has enabled QualEx to provide high quality results on a consistent basis.

Some of the software available to aid in the solution and efficiency of mechanical engineering related tasks is as follows:

  • AutoCAD (latest version)
  • Coade Caesar II (pipe stress analysis)
  • Coade PVElite (pressure vessel analysis)
  • Coade CodeCalc (pressure vessel component analysis)
  • Innovative Tank Solutions (API 650 tank design)