QualEx Engineering

Engineering and Design Services
Preliminary Engineering

QualEx understands that the time and effort spent during the preliminary engineering phase to accurately define a project has been proven to pay dividends in the succeeding phases of the project and is essential for the smooth transition to the detailed engineering phase where the documentation and drawings necessary to construct the project may be efficiently produced.

We have the talent and the skilled resources available to develop your “ideas” into a workable conceptual plan so that a proposed project may be assessed for feasibility. Some of the deliverables that are typically associated with a conceptual engineering package to determine viability include:

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) / Material Balances
  • Process Feasibility Studies
  • Initial Environmental Reviews & Permit List
  • Preliminary Equipment Selection & Equipment List
  • Preliminary Equipment Arrangement Drawings
  • An Order of Magnitude Project Cost Estimate
  • Economic Analysis
  • Milestone Schedule
  • Statement of the Project Goals

Once a project has been determined to be viable, the next logical step is to complete the preliminary engineering phase by proceeding with the development of the key project deliverables and generation of a Basic Engineering Package (BEP) or Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) level package, which will define the project and provide the client with the necessary documentation to proceed with a funding request. Some of the deliverables that are typically associated with producing a BEP or FEED include:

  •  P&ID’s (Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams)
  •  Design Basis (by discipline) listing Standards and Codes
  •  Safety Audits
  •  Environmental Permitting Assistance
  •  Equipment General Arrangements (GA’s)
  •  Preliminary Piping Plans
  •  Priced Equipment List
  •  Preliminary Instrument Index / IO List
  •  Electrical Single Lines / Motor List / Power Assessment
  •  Hazards and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) / Fault Tree (What if) Analysis
  •  Definitive Project Cost Estimate
  •  EPC Critical Path Schedule

 Project Execution Plan to include a discussion of: the project scope, objectives and priorities; project team and responsibilities; purchasing and contract philosophies; health and safety requirements; project risks and mitigation; etc.