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Process (Chemical) Engineering

QualEx's Process Engineering Department offers the advantages of experience to provide realistic engineering solutions to meet the multiple challenges presented by our clients. Whether it is a retrofit for optimization of an existing process or the design of a new process, the proven resources in this department will take on the task at hand to meet your needs. The Process Department is comprised solely of degreed Chemical Engineers, with the majority possessing over 20 years of experience. Many of these engineers also have industrial or manufacturing backgrounds from previous service to industries common to those of the clients we serve, which yields a variety of knowledge and experience for providing practical designs in industrial settings.

Our Process Engineers are routinely involved in the preliminary engineering phase of the project, interfacing with our clients to help define the scope of the project and to explore economical and process efficient solutions. During this early phase, we develop and / or assist our clients in the development of the mass and energy balances, PFDs, P&IDs and other process engineering data necessary to support the objectives of the project. As a project proceeds, process engineering’s emphasis moves forward with development of equipment process data specifications, equipment sizing, relief device calculations, instrument process data and hydraulic calculations. Interfacing with the other engineering departments within QualEx, to support their engineering and design efforts, is a continuous function of the Process Department. The Process Engineer will also frequently participate in HAZOPs and other process reviews while working with our client and any third party HAZOP Facilitator

Some of the software available to aid in the solution and efficiency of process engineering related tasks is as follows:

  • Aspen Plus (process simulation software)
  • Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger (formerly Aspen Tasc+ / B-JAC / Hetran)
  • Aspen Air Cooled Exchanger (formerly Aspen Acol+ / Aerotran)
  • MathCAD
  • Knovel