QualEx Engineering

Project Services
Document Control

QualEx offers document control services to ensure that accurate records of the project drawings and documents are kept, recorded and compiled for use during the project. At the completion of the project, the record drawings and documents are delivered to the Client to satisfy PSM and MOC requirements for future reference. Examples of some of the document control services offered include:

  • Requesting copies and/or originals of the Client’s drawing files for control and use on a project and returning the drawings at the completion of the project. This task includes maintaining a list of the Client’s drawings under our control and working with the Client for assignment of drawing numbers for new drawings created during the project.
  • Expediting and receiving vendor “approval”, “certified” and/or “as built” drawings and documentation for critical equipment and instrumentation that is required for the design and to satisfy PSM requirements.
  • Initiating and tracking the “intersquad reviews” of vendor “approval drawings and documentation” and ensuring that the drawings and documents are returned in a timely manner with the engineer’s and Client’s comments incorporated into the final design for fabrication.
  • Compilation and turn over of job books / data for equipment, instrumentation and specialty items installed during the project.
  • Archiving and turnover of project files to the Client at the completion of the project.