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Procurement Services

QualEx offers Procurement, Material Tracking and Expediting Services to assist our Clients in the acquisition of materials and services by using experienced resources and “in-house” software specifically developed to facilitate tracking and reporting the “real time” status of Owner-purchased items. Depending on the Client’s purchasing structure, specific needs, and the type and level of assistance desired, QualEx can provide varying degrees of the following services:

  • Compilation of bidders lists from the Client’s preferred vendors or from a list of established and proven suppliers maintained by QualEx.
  • Development and maintenance of inquiry control, material tracking and material exception reports to convey the “real time” status of material purchases and deliveries relative to scheduled dates.
  • Development and issuance of inquiry packages (Request for Quotations), receipt of bids / proposals, compilation of bids, and initiation of the Engineering Analysis / Quotation Analysis (EAQA) procedure.
  • Generation of a request for purchase (RFP) stating the deliverables and any special conditions to be written into the Client’s purchase order
  • Expediting of vendor approval drawings, material deliveries, and documentation.
  • Additionally, "Purchase as Agent" services can be provided for our customers once contractual arrangements are in place.