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The key to the successful execution and completion of a project begins with the QualEx Project Manager (PM). A qualified QualEx PM is assigned to each project initiated within the QualEx office. This individual is ultimately responsible for the success of a project through realization and achievement of the Client’s project goals within the budget and schedule. Some of the key functions and duties of the QualEx PM are defined below.

PROJECT SCOPE DEFINITION - the QualEx PM, working with the Client’s Staff and the QualEx lead engineers, defines the project goals and communicates the project deliverables with all members of the Team. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the documentation defining the project goals and deliverables may range anywhere from a list of bullets with desired start and completion dates and a budget range to a fully developed Basic Engineering Package (BEP), where 25 to 50 percent of the engineering is accomplished in a “front-end” package to define the project scope, detailed engineering scope, responsibilities, project costs, schedule, procurement and contract strategies, and construction activities.

ENGINEERING COST CONTROL – The QualEx PM is responsible for controlling engineering costs on their project by staying within the limits of the project scope and efficiently managing the use of engineering resources. Efficient use of engineering manpower is accomplished by scheduling competent resources based on the tasks to be accomplished, bringing those resources onto the project at the optimum time, and not allowing the design to stray from the pre-determined and Client authorized engineering deliverables and project objectives. When a project scope is not adequately defined or when the Client’s project objectives change, it is the QualEx Project Manager’s duty to timely inform the Client of the effect the change has on the engineering and overall project costs before proceeding. This is accomplished through the use of a Design Change Notice (DCN) detailing the proposed change and the effect of the change on the engineering and construction costs. A change may result in a reduction of engineering and construction costs/schedule or may result in an increase in engineering and construction costs/schedule.

PROJECT COMMUNICATION – The QualEx PM has the responsibility to insure that there is effective communication among members of the Client and QualEx “Project Team”. Along with the Client’s PM, the QualEx PM becomes the focal point through which all key project correspondence passes and is shared. While it is important that the key communication is channeled through the project managers so that effective project decisions may be made, it is equally important for the project manager to assure that the lines of communication between the QualEx discipline leads and their client counterparts remain open. In addition to the day-to-day discussions, effective communication may be accomplished through writing and publishing meeting and telephone conference notes, the involvement of key team members in project meetings where decisions will be made and generation and publication of project status reports.

SUPERVISION OF THE ENGINEERING AND DESIGN – Most projects are executed using a “task force” approach. Engineering and / or design leads are assigned to and report to the QualEx PM for each individual project. Project related direction is taken by the leads from the Qualex PM, while the engineers and lead designers report to their respective department manager for all technical and administrative reviews and approvals.