QualEx Engineering

Project Services
Scheduling, Planning
and Resource Allocation

Effective Project Planning is accomplished through the development, maintenance and use of engineering control tools such as an EPC project schedule to establish the overall project plan and resource planning tools for the allocation and scheduling of engineering resources during the engineering phase.

The QualEx Project Manager is responsible for development of an overall project schedule which may range from a list of milestones with desired start and finish dates on smaller projects to a detailed list of multiple engineering, procurement and construction tasks on larger projects. Detailed EPC schedules are generated by the Project Manager or an assigned scheduler via the use of “Primavera” or “Microsoft Project” software. A well thought out schedule, developed early in project, serves as the road map for the logical progression of the project tasks and is one of the many key tools used to insure the successful completion of a project. Project schedules may be resource loaded for both “craft” and engineering manpower requirements once the project has been adequately defined and a capital cost estimate has been produced. Once developed, a properly maintained schedule allows the project team to track progress and productivity, plan for the future tasks, and if slippage should occur, to develop an early course of action required to bring the schedule back in line with expectations.

The Project Manager is also responsible for the allocation of the engineering and design resources required to timely execute the engineering deliverables. At QualEx, this is accomplished through the use of “in-house” software developed specifically for the use of scheduling resources among multiple projects.